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Daisha Nilsen

Discover Your Entrepreneurial Power Through Wellness Coaching


Hi, I’m Daisha.

Coach, Yoga Instructor & Personal Trainer

My offerings serve my clients as a blend of my experience with yoga and personal training over the past 5 years in my community with my studies of Ashtanga Yoga in India. I appreciate the deep traditions ingrained in yoga throughout its history and the beauty of movement as well. After my teaching began, I incorporated personal training into my fitness career creating a complimentary blend of strength, wellness, and tradition. Working with me helps to create an internal and external balance while increasing focus and elevating one's practice in a variety of ways.



Practising Yoga


Success support with breathwork, motivation & focus, ability to manage stress, and maintain productivity.


Prenatal Yoga

Pre/Post Natal
& Couples Yoga

Prepare yourself mentally and physically for the joy of pregnancy and motherhood!


Online Yoga

Personal Training

Get a personalized fitness program based on your goals. Learn how to use your space as a home gym.

PT Class:


Morning Fire


An early morning vinyasa class to start your day off right. 


Online Yoga

1-on-1 Yoga

This class is completely tailored to you. Have the ability to choose what yoga program works for you.

Yoga Class:

Yoga Session

Meditation & Pranayama

Use these tools and meditations to increase oxygen to the brain, get rid of CO2, and become balanced.



Empowered Entrepreneurs
& Experiencial Health 

Making Wellness Work for You!

As Entrepreneurs, we may find ourselves continuously blurring many boundaries in life. Whether it be work/life, relationships, or our ability to create space for mental and physical wellbeing. There are so many reasons why a business owner would find any type of movement or breathwork and incorporate it into their life. 

While entrepreneurs are always shifting from the comfortable to the uncomfortable, things can become stressful very quickly. With so many distractions and the need to constantly multitask; we can find ourselves scattered. Mentally and physically! Spare sometime during your week to bring all those pieces together and truly take care of yourself.


If you find yourself being constantly reminded that your next step is to create a practice that you can stick to, continue to reach goals, and feel great doing it. Please schedule a free 45-minute consultation that includes a 15-minute grounding session that you can come back to while at work or at home. 



“Daisha is an excellent yoga instructor and does a phenomenal job of creating a peaceful, harmonious environment and gives great detailed instruction on how to position and move the body through a relaxing and functional yoga flow.


I have been experiencing pain in my upper back, which I expressed to her prior to us meeting, and Daisha was very careful and mindful of our movements to cater to my problem area. We did gentle stretches and movements to improve the area and I left our session feeling refreshed, properly stretched, balanced and tranquil. I now plan to commit to weekly sessions with her.

I would 10/10 recommend her training to everyone at any and all levels of fitness to complement their workout routines, improve mobility/flexibility, or simply dedicate an hour to just let go, enjoy and trust Daisha’s yoga and training expertise to take your body through functional and mindful movement.

Thank you, Daisha!”

—  Azia G, Client

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